Dabbirny application includes most sports clubs and educational activities for all family members.

Easy & fast process of choosing the desired club or activity for our valued customers.

Sport - Educatioal - Special Needs
About Dabbriny

Dabbirny is a mobile application that combines sports and educational clubs and special activities online, Dabbirny enjoys a wide range of the most famous local clubs, and many choices of favorite activities, Dabbirny is run by 100% Kuwaiti management, the most important thing we have is to facilitate the process of choosing the desired club or activity for our valued customers .

What we Do ?

Dabbirny gives care and importance to understanding the needs of parents to provide them with the best service in choosing a club or favorite activity for our children quite easily and in the least possible time. You can specify your address and browse the lists of the clubs you want while tracking them to know their news. If you use your smartphone, the process of developing your son’s skills has become Easy and smooth.


To raise a young generation that loves sports and science.

Community development through youth skills.

Plenty of of clubs and institutions to develop your son's skills.

To meet the needs of people with special needs and connect them to the skills they need.


Notifications feature to receive all new events.
Online payment and subscription service.
Find out the closest activities through the map.

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Sport - Educatioal - Special Needs


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